Event Updates

We have several exciting updates reguarding our annual skate party, our upcoming camporees, and a new series of events called “Trail Training” for our adult volunteers.

Skate Party

We have extended the registration period for the 2018 Skate Party. Girls who register after 1/28 are not guaranteed a fun patch as we had to order those with enough advance notice to ensure delivery.

As a reminder, we have moved to requiring full rosters for all events. This helps us to detect duplicate and improper registrations (girls registered by both a troop leader and a parent, girls attending with no chaperones, invalid contact email addresses, etc). Thank you for helping us make sure each girl only gets paid for once and has proper adult supervision!

We have noticed a number of people trying to log on without actually having accounts. We are not connected to GSHPA’s system so in order to register for our events, you must make an account with State College Girl Scouts.

You also need to be able to receive our emails. If you have an extremely aggressive spam filter, you may need to check with your email provider for instructions on how to add us. All site-generated emails will come from admin@statecollegegirlscouts.org. If you do not receive a registration email and your spam folder is empty, check your email settings (both with your provider and any client you are using) to see if you are automatically deleting all spam.

Spring Camporee – April 20 – 22

Registration for Spring Camporee and Daisy Day will open on Feb 11th.

We are investigating the possibility of having GSHPA send the STEM mobile to camp to run a program for Brownies and Juniors on Sunday morning during camp (April 22 from 9-11). If you have an opinion on this plan or program preference, please contact the camp committee.

Our normal fishing ladies are not available for this date, so we are looking for alternative fishing facilitators. If you or someone you know (moms, dads, friends, family, neighbors) is willing to teach this skill to our girls, please let us know!

We will also need archery instructors.

Facilitators do not need to be GSHPA registered or cleared and are not charged a camp fee.

Summer Camporee – June 30-July 2

It is time for us to start planning Summer Camporee! We need to finalize our badge selections and find volunteers to take responsibility for each badge level. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the camp committee.

Trail Training

This spring we will offer a series of “Trail Training” hikes for adult leaders. These hikes will show our leaders trails appropriate for their troop and get them ready to take their girls out on their own. Registration will be limited to 10 registered and cleared adult volunteers to ensure that each leader is able to make the most out of the training.

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