Help Needed

As our older girls move upward and onward, we are in need of new volunteers to help organize and run all the amazing activities our Service Unit does. The Service Unit is entirely run by volunteers; without your help, we cannot offer many of the activities you enjoy.

We have an immediate need for one or two volunteers to be our Service Unit’s Fall Product Liason(s). They will help organize the Fall Product sales (nuts/candy/magazines) for our Service Unit.  Liaisons will receive support from both the Service Unit and Council.

Other volunteer needs include:

  • Activities Planning Committee
  • Camp Committee
  • Bridging Committee
  • STEM Exploration Committee
  • Arts Exploration Committee
  • Community Service Committee
  • Newsletter Coordinator

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us! You do not need to be a troop leader to volunteer at the Service Unit level.

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