Troop Directories

Dear Troop Leaders,

As we approach a new Girl Scout year, please take the time to update your listings in our Troop Directory.

If you are already listed, very soon our site will automatically start going through the current troop listings asking you to verify your information. When you get your verification email, please be sure to not only click on the “verify” link, but to also make any changes to your troop level, tags, changes in leadership, or descriptions.

If your troop is not already in our directory, please consider adding it.

Our troop directory and troop email aliases provide you with a way to allow people to contact your troop without having to give away your personal contact information. The troop directory is also one way that parents looking for the right fit for their daughter can see what is available. Organizations looking to provide services or outreach to troops and other troop leaders will also use the troop directory to contact troop leaders.

Having an up-to-date and accurate listing of the troops in the area is incredibly helpful, not just to parents looking for a troop, but other troops and groups looking to collaborate with us.

Thank you!

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