Saving Our Camp

Almost a year ago, Friends of Golden Pond reopened our beloved Camp Golden Pond. The first year of the lease (and our camp’s new life) ends this March and will automatically renew for only one more year. If we are to see Camp Golden Pond remain open into the spring and summer of 2021, Friends of Golden Pond must succeed at purchasing the property and to do that we need your help.

As Friends of Golden Pond continues their negotiations with financial institutions, they are looking for generous and kind individuals to make five year commitments towards paying off the loan. Once enough commitments are secured, Friends of Golden Pond will be able to complete the loan process, purchase the property, and secure its long term future.

If you have participated in one of the 2019 camporees at Camp Golden Pond (Space Science, Wonderful Wizarding Wold Weekend, Mystery Camp), your own troop adventure, one of the many youth programs being offered at the camp, or plan to participate in one of the upcoming 2020 camporees, please help us save our camp so that we can continue to enjoy these amazing programs.

If you doubt the worth of the camp, look no further than the Girl Scouts who have spent their entire lives growing up at this camp.

To make your financial commitment, please download a commitment form and return it Friends of Golden Pond or make a direct contribution now.

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