Bridging By Mail

Service Unit 416 will not be hosting an in person bridging ceremony this year due to health concerns related to COVID-19 and large gatherings.

Instead, we invite all girls from Service Unit 416 to participate in “Bridging by Mail”.

To participate, simply write a letter to “A Girl Scout” and mail it, along with a SWAP, to us no later than October 1. We will then mail you the letter and SWAP from another Girl Scout along with a patch.

Girls who are bridging should address their letter to “A Younger Girl Scout” and share what some of their favorite parts of Girl Scouting have been. Please refer to the “Look Back” section of your level’s bridging badge.

Girls who are new to scouting should address their letter to “An Older Girl Scout” and should share what they are looking forward to in scouting.

Girls who are rededicating, can choose to address their letter to either “A Younger Girl Scout” or “An Older Girl Scout”.

If you want to write to both “A Younger Girl Scout” AND an “An Older Girl Scout”, feel free to send us two letters and SWAPs!

If you would like the girl receiving your letter to be able to write back to you (like a pen pal), you must explicitly include your name and address in your letter. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may sign your letter simply “A Girl Scout Daisy/Brownie/Junior/Cadette/Senior/Ambassador”. We will NOT share any contact information without express permission.

You MUST include your level (use your new level) in the signature block of your letter so that we can route it properly. For example, sign your letter “Abby, a 1st Year Brownie in Troop 40416”.

In order for us to mail you your patch along with a swap and letter from another Girl Scout, you must provide us with a valid return address.

All letters will be screened before being forwarded to another Girl Scout, so you can be assured that the letter you receive back will be appropriate.

We will mail out responses as we receive them.

Please mail all letters to:

GSHPA SU 416 Bridging by Mail
C/O Megan Roberts
922 Anna St
Boalsburg, PA 16827

Important Note About Postage: Your letter and swap MUST fit into a standard letter envelope that can be mailed with 1 stamp. If your letter and swap cannot be mailed as a standard letter with one stamp due to weight, thickness, shape, or any other reason (please consult the USPS for postage guidelines), it will NOT be mailed out unless you also include the additional postage. 

While the Service Unit will be paying most postage costs, if you would like to include a stamp to be used when forwarding your letter to another Girl Scout, please do!

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