Virtual Bridging Opportunity

If you are bridging this year, we need your help!  We want to create a fun video of Service Unit 416 bridging – remotely.  We are asking you to film your Scout bridging- could a  real bridge or something you create.  

Videos will be accepted until September 30th

So here’s just a few simple guidelines for the parents or whoever films each girl:

-Have the camera far back enough that we can see the whole bridge from one side to the other. You want to be filming from the side of the bridge, not from the front or back.

-Don’t “follow” the girl across the bridge by moving the camera along with her. Stay in one place, keep it as one still shot facing the bridge from the side, where the bridge is as centered as possible.

-The goal is to have all the clips shot in a similar fashion, so they cut together smoothly.

Here’s an image as an example of what the shot should basically look like:

bridge camera angle example.jpg

-If you record the video on your phone, text it directly to Anja at  (814)-470-0146

-If recorded externally, email it to

-Most smartphones/digital cameras today shoot in at least 1080p, which is HD video. We want to try and keep it HD so the clip doesn’t appear grainy/low quality. If the option pops up to choose what size to send the video as (whether when texting it, uploading it somewhere, emailing it…sometimes Gmail asks), make sure to choose to send the video in full HD quality, not compressed to a smaller size.

-Along with the video  please include the Scout’s first and last name, age, what level they are currently at, and what level they are bridging to.

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