2020 Fall Outdoor Challenge

The State College Girl Scouts Fall Outdoor Challenge is here.  How many items can you check off your list?  Get outside to see.   Starting September 1, 2020 and running through December 20, 2020, complete the required number of activities from the 2020 Fall Outdoor Challenge checklist and earn the Outdoor Challenge Patch and/or the fall rocker.

Daisies should complete 15 items to earn the patch, Brownies should complete 20 items, Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors should complete 35 items.  Adults should follow the Girl Scout Law and try to complete an “Honest and Fair” number of items based on their abilities.

Share pictures of your fall fun on our Facebook page or by emailing info@statecollegegirlscouts.org. Sending us your photos constitutes consent to publish.

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