GSHPA Annual Meeting Recap

GSHPA held their Annual Meeting on September 12th.  All Service Unit 416 delegates and alternatives attended the meeting.

The meeting started with a Flag Ceremony done by Service Unit 414 at the Little Brownie House in Bellefonte. Many GSHPA leaders spoke of the state of the council which included that no staff were furloughed due to the pandemic, the council did not make the cookie sales goal but had a high number of online sales and virtual cookie booths.  The remaining camps are being maintained and slate of improvements are pending or in progress and a Post-Covid Recovery Task Force has been formed.  Virtual Scouts – moved quickly to offering online programing including, career chats, 5 weeks of virtual summer camp, STEAM exploration. Please check out their site GSHPA Girl Scouts at Home

There was a vote to amend the bylaws to permit delegate nominations to be more streamlined including having to have quorum be counted for those voting (not simply those physically present) . A new Slate of Nominees to Board:  Alison Bernhardt, Jayne Huston, and  Judith Windom was approved along with Susan Smith being approved to the Board Development Committee. The final bylaw change approved was a one year extension of the current board and service unit delegates due to pandemic.  The approval is for one year only 2020-2021. 

Service Unit 416 delegates Lauren Lowe, Michelle Varrassa and alternates- Christine Clouse and Kirsten Grigor will remain delegates for 2020-2021.

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