Bronze Award: Little Free Libraries

Girl Scout Troop 40421 recently completed the installation of their Bronze Award project ~ building TWO Little Free Libraries for Circleville Park. The girls brainstormed 26 different community service project ideas, discussing the pro/cons, costs, and feasibility of each idea before narrowing their choices down to their top 5 project ideas. Taking into consideration the current coviid-19 restrictions and recognizing the need for easy access to books in our community, they voted to build two Little Free Libraries for installation at Circleville Park.

Each girl spent time designing options for the LFLs. Ideas ranged from using an old grill to building a walk-in LFL. They picked their favorite two designs, selected colors, and helped construct the libraries. The girls learned about new power tools, using a mitre saw and nail gun as part of the build process.

In addition to building the LFLs, the girls collected 260+ books to put into the libraries, ensuring to include books for readers of all ages and reading abilities. They made bookmarks for inclusion in the libraries as well. To spread the word about their project, the girls designed labels to include in each book letting readers know the LFLs were part of their Bronze Award project. Troop leaders also created a QR code label for inclusion in each book which links back to the Troop website when hovering over the QR code with a smart phone camera app.

When it came time to select the specific locations for the LFLs within the park, the girls discussed visibility, access, maintenance, and overall functionality. They decided to put one LFL in the upper park near a bench by the playground so readers could grab a book and have a seat while reading. The second LFL was placed in a flowerbed close to the parking lot, pavilion, and play area in the lower portion of the park. Both LFLs were installed along pathways to ensure accessibility for those in wheelchairs and placed at a height easily accessible to children.

In the end, the girls learned about the design process, tool safety, project implementation, and community outreach. They hope you take the time to go and check out their wonderful Little Free Libraries!

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