Bronze Award: Birthday Bags

Lily N. from Troop 40170 completed her Bronze Project by making birthday bags for the local food bank so kids with food insecurity could have a birthday. The bags had cake mix, oil, streamers, balloons, icing with sprinkles, crayons, and coloring books:

I was torn between birthday bags and bags for people adopting pets in need. But I thought of kids who might not have a cake and a little present or fun on their birthday. And I was sad. As I looked at the community I found out there was a food bank and what that was. And I thought I could help.

I made a presentation to my troop and taught them about those in need and what food insecurity is. I also made a promise to help them all with their Bronze awards when they are older. I am the oldest in my troop and now that I know how to do a bronze I can support them and show them how to lead.

It helped kids who have food insecurity have a little more joy. And I hope that the younger girls in my troop, now that they know what a food bank is, will keep it in mind and support it.

I can and will sustain it through the education of others about the food bank and helping with future projects. If we wanted to sustain it more there are a few ways. We could do a video about how to do the bags and help present the project in a document for future project ideas for those looking to make a difference. The food bank has come to mean a lot to me. My project was interrupted by Covid, and Covid has made the food bank more important than ever.

I learned how to make a budget, explain my ideas, and talk to new people. These are all good skills that help lead.

I just wanted other kids to know that someone loved them who did not have to. That they were loved and thought about just because they existed.

Lily N, Troop 40170

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