Wayne Township Nature Park

Wayne Township Nature Park (191 Linnippi Trail, Lock Haven) is 45 minutes from State College and well worth the drive. There are so many fun treasures for Girl Scouts to discover high and low along the easy flat trails. Spring is a great time to visit, as much of the trail is beside a beautiful flowing creek. Before you start you hike, snap a photo of the hand drawn trail map on a sign at the parking lot. You will see Big Foot on the map, don’t miss hiking over to see him!

As you hike, keep your eyes open for sculptures, a teepee, mini treasures such as tiny mythical creatures down below, and bird sculptures up high. Some treasures are hidden and easy to miss if you aren’t paying close attention. Don’t miss the wood carved chair at the frog pond. The park has seasonal decoration for holidays. There could be trolls on some of the bridges, so you might want to cross on the adjacent rocks or stump crossings to avoid them; I’ve heard singing while crossing can also help protect you from the trolls. The middle of the park has a “lighted trail”, lit with a long strand of lights. I recommend starting your hike heading to the right toward the fishing pond, ending up at the butterfly area, and then finishing by going through the lighted trail. It took us about 2 leisurely hours to see everything. Enjoy your visit!

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