Fall Camporee Update

Based on feedback from several members, we are opening up Fall Camporee to families. This means that girls have the option of attending either with a troop following GSHPA girl/adult ratios or with their family.

Adults attending as part of a family are NOT required to be registered and cleared Troop Activities Chaperones in order to stay overnight with their families. Unregistered adults do not count towards ratios for any troop that they are affiliated with. Families with unregistered adults attending will be sleeping in a different section of the camp than troops that are following ratios.

Please feel free to email camp@statecollegegirlscouts.org if you have any questions about this update! We hope that all our girls will be able to enjoy a fun day at camp, either with their troop or their family.

Click here for more information or to register.

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