Bronze Award: Troop 40049 – Positivity Board

Congrats to Lauren, Emily, Eliza, Silvia, and Riley from Troop 40049 for earning their Bronze Award! The G.I.R.L.s from Troop 40049 created a Positivity Board for Out of the Cold Centre County.

Troop 40049 has worked with Out of the Cold in the past and decided to create a Positivity Board for the guests at the homeless Day Shelter. This made opportunities for the guests to draw and to take inspirational quotes and jokes to brighten their day.

The project gives the guests something to do with the goal of making their outlook more positive. The girls want the guests to believe in themselves so that they can reach their goals. Their lives are not going well at the moment so having something like this will hopefully brighten them up. Jokes can make them laugh and inspirational quotes can take their minds off of what has happened in the past.

The project is sustainable because volunteers can keep filling the pockets with new jokes and quotes. The pockets on the board can also be changed to provide new things to look at and to do. The troop provided push pins for the guests to put up their own artwork, etc.

This project helps the community to be better and changes peoples’ lives. For the girls, it helped break the stereotype of what homeless people might look like.

We were pushed out of our comfort zone but it wasn’t easy. We now feel safe and capable of working with homeless people. We learned that they are people just like us. This project required a lot of teamwork and so we continue to get proficient at this. We learned how to speak up to adults that we don’t know in order to help the community. We learned from the inspirational quotes that we found too. We laughed a lot while reading jokes and working on the project.

Girl Scout Troop 40049

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