Service Unit Leadership Roles

As we strive to reconnect as a Service Unit and get back to planning and executing multi-troop events, we need your help! Just like your troop, the Service Unit requires dedicated volunteers to make these events and connections happen. If you are interested in a leadership role at the Service Unit level, please let us know!

Any parent or volunteer can serve in a leadership role at the Service Unit level – these positions are NOT just for troop leaders. Additionally – these roles do NOT need to be filled by just one person.

Service Unit Lead

Provides direction, guidance and conducts regularly scheduled Service Unit meetings for volunteers in a specific territory. The SUL is also responsible for helping to retain membership for all girls and adult volunteers in a geographic area, consistent with GSHPA’s goals and benchmarks. Volunteer for this role!

Recruitment Champion

Supports and encourages the Service Unit in seeking out and facilitating community presence opportunities with the focus on recruiting new girl and adult members. Volunteer for this role!

Girl Programming and Events

Support and lead volunteers in planning and implementing Girl Scout events and programs within the Service Unit. Volunteer for this role!

Communications Lead

Supports and facilitates communication for the Service Unit including but not limited to: email communications and notification, documenting and distributing meeting minutes and agendas, and social media account maintenance. Volunteer for this role!

Service Unit Treasure

Maintains Service Unit bank account by managing all income and expenses in an accurate and transparent manner. Volunteer for this role!

New Troop Leader Liaison

Support and guide new troop leader(s) throughout the membership year(s). Volunteer for this role!

Coordinate positive promotion of the Cookie Program within your assigned Service Unit – coordinating with other volunteers, troops, parents and girls to create a successful program experience.. This role does NOT include operating the cookie cupboard. Volunteer for this role!

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