High Ropes at Stone Valley

Senior Troop 40418 conquered the high ropes course at Stone Valley Recreation Area this Spring for the second time! It is a fun and challenging experience, and provides a lot of opportunity for teamwork.

I recommend a few leaders join the girls on the course – it increases the chance of success and adds to the experience. A couple of  instructors will be up on the course with your group; the instructors are very encouraging. The minimum age for the course is middle school, so this is a great activity for bridging to Cadettes (cross some ultimate bridges!), and then you can come back as Seniors or Ambassadors and do the course with added teamwork challenges.

There is a covered pavilion with picnic tables right next to the course, perfect for a picnic or snacks after. The booking calendar does fill up, so I recommend booking several months ahead of time to get the date that you want.

Contact Bobby Romo, Coordinator for Campus Recreation, Outdoor Adventures, ph: 814-865-3634, email: rwr9@psu.edu.

Stone Valley also has an Alpine Tower and Carolina T- Wall, if you would like to try some other challenges. Here are the prices, but keep in mind they could change. You will want to contact Stone Valley for current rates. The rates are based on the size of your group and the price is the price for the entire group, not per person. We did use almost the full 4 hrs listed for our experience, the first hour was on the ground learning and getting gear on. Happy adventuring!