Make great snacks for yourself and your friends. When you eat them, they’ll give you the energy to think, hike, run around, dress up—and do all the other activities you love to do.

1. Jump into the world of snacks
2. Make a savory snack
3. Try a sweet snack
4. Snack for energy
5. Slurp a snack

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to make yummy snacks for my family and friends.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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Space Science Adventurer

  1. Meet the neighbors in our Solar System
  2. See more than before
  3. Investigate the Moon
  4. Be a stargazer
  5. Celebrate and share

When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll know how to investigate and learn about the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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Take Action Key

To find the Take Action Key, Brownies:

  • identify a community place where they can take action
  • plan to take action
  • improve their world by carrying out their Take Action Project

Part of the Brownie Quest award. Earned by Scouts.

Think Like a Citizen Scientist

In this Journey, you will:

  1. Find out how scientists use the scientific method to investigate the world and make discoveries.
  2. Do hands-on activities to learn how to make observations and collect data.
  3. Plan a Take Action project that helps others. If you’re a Girl Scout volunteer, go to Volunteer Toolkit for complete meeting plans and activity instructions.

Part of the sequence. Earned by , , Scouts.

Vision Awareness

Girl Scouting offers a variety of opportunities and challenges. With this in mind, the Pennsylvania Paraoptometric Association (PPA) would like to offer the Girl Scouts the opportunity to earn a Vision Awareness Patch, which has been approved by the Girl Scout Council. PPA is an association committed to enhancing the quality of eye care. We believe the activities requires for the girls to earn the patch will make them more aware of the importance of vision and good vision care. The girl’s efforts may even spark an interest in Optometry or related fields.

Girl Scout Patch Program 1114017539

Part of the sequence. Earned by , , , , , Scouts.