Eco Explorer

  1. Meet an eco explorer
  2. Explore biodiversity
  3. Investigate a global ecosystem issue
  4. Plan a trip to explore and work on an issue
  5. Share what you learned

When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll have researched different environmental issues and taken at least one trip to see how an area is impacted.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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Financing My Future

High school graduation may seem a long way off, but this is actually the perfect time to start thinking about what kind of further education you want. Why? Because whether you want to go to a university, community college, or vocational school, your education will cost money. If you find out how much money you’ll need, you can start planning thoughtfully for the future.

1. Declare your dreams
2. Decide what you need and want
3. Go comparison shopping
4. Explore your financial aid options
5. Build a blueprint for your future

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll have a plan for my educational future—including ideas on how to pay for it.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

Game Visionary

This badge is your chance to build friendships and community networks by leading a series of fun, inventive, and challenging games. Use your vision — of what’s surprising, fantastic, team-building, and most of all, fun!—to invent some unforgettable activities. Making games is about pushing boundaries of creativity and possibility. It’s not just about thinking outside the box, but getting rid of the box altogether. Enjoy exploring your imagination.

1. Break the ice
2. Imagine all the world’s a board
3. Create a physical challenge
4. Get puzzled
5. Make an ultra scavenger hunt

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll be able to design and organize games that will bring people together for creative and thoughtful fun.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.


In GIRLtopia girls develop their own vision of an ideal world and acquire the skills to make it a reality. By exploring women in history, interviewing inspiring mentors, or creating a short film, Seniors learn real-life lessons while building a brighter future.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.


A locavore is someone committed to eating locally grown, seasonal foods. The efforts of locavores can be important—and delicious—steps toward healthful eating, helping the environment, and supporting local farmers.

1. Explore the benefits and challenges of going local
2. Find your local food sources
3. Cook a simple dish showcasing local ingredients
4. Make a recipe with local ingredients
5. Try a local cooking challenge

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to prepare a meal of seasonal and locally grown dishes.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.