Friendly and Helpful

1. Enjoy “Sunny’s Story,” then talk about it
2. Make a mural based on “Sunny’s Story” with your Daisy friends
3. Practice being friendly and helpful

When I’ve earned my Sunny Petal, I will know how to be friendly and helpful, just like Sunny the Sunflower.

Daisies earn their yellow petal by learning that a Girl Scout is Friendly and Helpful. They can help out in their community via a service project, be welcoming to a new scout, work with a new friend on a short project, or find a way to brighten the days of the people around them.

Part of the Daisy Flower award. Earned by Scouts.

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  1. Girls made “A Daisy was here” notes at meeting, then left them when they did friendly and helpful thing at home or school.

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