Practice with Purpose

Even the best athletes weren’t born great at sports: They had to practice with purpose. Have fun with these activities as you learn to improve a skill—no matter what track, court, rink, pool, slope, or field you like to play on. Game on!

1. Decide on your goal
2. Increase your endurance
3. Build up your strength
4. Drill for skill
5. Practice, practice, practice!

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to set a sports goal and practice to achieve it.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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  1. We worked over the summer on this badge. Girls met 3 mornings a week to walk/run or bike gradually increasing distance over time. A PE teacher volunteer helped us learn about stretching and strength training. We finished up by having our own troop 5K complete with t-shirts with the badge on the front and wrote the girls running (or walking) times with a sharpie. They didn’t like it at first but they were so proud when they finished the 5k.

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