Cookie Booth Sales Predictor

Troop Leaders and Troop Cookie Liaison, when you go to place your initial order, do you know how many cookies and what variety you need for your booths? Do booths are Lowe’s do better or worse than Walmart? Do the people at Texas Roadhouse like Toffee Tastics? Do cookie costumes ACTUALLY boost sales?

Check out the State College Girl Scouts Cookie Predictor for answers to these questions and more.

We currently have sales data for 115 booths representing 372 hours of cookie sales and 12,419 boxes of cookies and use statistical analysis to determine what the expected outcome for a future booth is. Once booth season starts, be sure to stop back to provide your data!


Cookie season is coming! And that means cookie rallies! The annual cookie rally is a great way for Daisies and Brownies to get into the cookie spirit and learn from their older Girl Scout sisters. The girls will play cookie games, practice running a booth, and practice going door-to-door. Hopefully, we will even have everyone’s favorite activity – cookie tasting.

We encourage all Daisies and Brownies to attend one of the two offered Cookie Rallies. Please register in advance. Last year the rallies filled, so please register early to ensure your spot.

Rally 1 will be Jan 13th.

Rally 2 will be Jan 19th

Rallies are not a drop-off event – all girls must be supervised by either a parent or troop leadership. If you are a parent who is not intending to stay for the event, make sure your troop leadership has sufficient adults and a signed activity permission form. Supervising adults should register as an accompanying adult.

As excited as we may be to get started – please remember the official sale begins on Jan 17th. Girls should NOT engage in any in-person sales until that date.

Note: Cookie Rallies are designed to get our youngest cookie sellers excited. Troop Volunteers looking to learn the practical ins and outs of running a cookie sale should attend Cookie Training with Rachel.

2018 Cookie Season – Costumes & Booth Tips

Our service unit has a cookie costume available to borrow.   To reserve the service unit cookie costume, contact Rachel. To reserve the council costumes, contact Susan. Be sure to include the day(s) the costume is needed and your troop number! 

If you are unsure how many cookies you should take to a booth, a good place to start is reviewing last year’s Cookie Booth Sales Data and getting a suggested inventory from the booth predictor. After your booth, be sure to submit your booth data so we can learn from your experience. The more troops that contribute, the more accurate our booth sales predictions will be!

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Cookie Booth Updates

As we start getting ready for Cookie Booths we have a couple things we would like to share regarding booth locations, booth sales data, and cookie costumes.

State Patty’s Day

Feb 24th is State Patty’s Day. If you have reserved a booth downtown on this day, please make sure that your girls and parents are aware of the scenes that they can expect to witness.

Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors should not schedule booths downtown for this day.


First, Wegmans, Weis, Panera, and Schlow Library do not permit cookie booths so please do not contact them. If you have a booth at Ace Hardware or Five Below, please do not infringe into the supermarkets’ space.

Dunkin Donuts and Girls Scouts USA have a national contract and all participating Dunkin Donuts have been added into ebudde.

If you want to setup a booth for a location that is in ebudde, but for a time/day that is not (for example Tuesday at Texas Roadhouse) you would need to contact the location.

When entering booth locations manually, you need to make sure that contact person you list for the booth is the contact person for the business/location (NOT the troop leader’s contact information).

Sales Data

We collect booth sales data that troops can use to prepare for their booths. After your booth, please submit your booth data. Your data will immediately start being used by the sales analysis algorithms and be available for other troops (and you) planning their next booth.

The algorithms are currently using data from the past two cookie seasons for sales predictions. Make sure to pay attention to booth duration when interpreting the prediction.

Cookie Costumes

Both council and the service unit have a supply of cookie costume that troops can borrow for their booths. To reserve the service unit cookie costume, contact Rachel. To reserve the council costumes, contact Susan. Be sure to include the day(s) the costume is needed and your troop number!