Let’s Go Camping

We have several exciting camping opportunities throughout 2018!

Volunteer-Organized Weekends

All these trips are planned and organized by adult volunteers from troops within GSHPA Service Unit 416 and neighboring SUs. If the trips we have planned do not meet your schedule / level needs, feel free to contact the Camp Committee and we can help you organize something that fits your needs (including helping you get in touch with other leaders who can help you). The only limit to our ability to go to camp is a source of adult volunteers who want to plan and execute. When camps fill, that means we need to plan more camps!

Winter Camping for Daisies & Brownies and C/S/A Leadership Training

Date: 01/26/2018 – 01/28/2018

Daisies and Brownies are invited out to Camp Golden Pond to have a wintry adventure and earn their troop camping badges.

8th-grade Cadettes and up interested in Camp Leadership Training are invited to help facilitate activities for younger scouts (7th- and 6th- grade cadettes who are mature and experienced campers may participate if accompanied by at least 1 cleared adult per troop).

Winter Camping for Cadettes / Seniors / Ambassadors

Date: 02/02/2018 – 02/04/2018

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors are heading out to enjoy a wintry weekend at camp.

Spring Camporee

Date: 04/20/2018 – 04/22/2018

Spring camp will be April 20 – 22nd. All levels are invited to camp for either Saturday only or the weekend. Troops are responsible for their own programming and meals at this camp. Daisies will have a “Daisy Day” program run by our Ambassador scouts.

Older Girl Weekend

Date: June 8-10

Cadettes/Seniors/Ambassadors from Service Units 414, 416, and 431 plan the theme and activities for this annual event. Please contact the camp committee to get involved!

Summer Camporee

Date: 06/30/2018 – 07/02/2018

Summer camp will be June 30th – July 1st. Note that our camp days will be all day Saturday and all day Sunday this year. If you have a badge preference, want to help plan this camp, or facilitate activities, please contact the camp committee. We need you!

Council- and Partner-Run Experiences

Troop Adventure Camps

Date: 02/09/2018 – 02/11/2018 – C/S/A

Date: 05/05/2018 – 05/06/2018 (All levels)

Raft ‘O Ree

Date: 05/04/2018 – 05/06/2018 (Ages 5+)

Looking for adventure? Join Whitewater Challengers and GS in the Heart of PA for a Raft-O-Ree Weekend.

Other Experiences

PA Wild Childs – Black Moshannon State Park

Date: June 16

PA Wilds Child is a fun, well-run program at Black Moshannon State Park with events and activities relevant to many Girl Scout levels. If you are looking for something different to do with your troop or your child, check it out.

Fall Camporee Registration Closing

Registration for the 2017 Fall Camporee will be closing on Sep. 3rd! So far we have 75 girls from 19 different troops attending and hope you are just as excited for Mythological Madness as we are.

If you are not yet registered and want to spend the night at camp, we do have limited beds available. If there are not enough overnight spaces available for your troop, and you would like to camp in tents, contact the camp committee so we can make sure we have an appropriate space for your group.

If you are already registered, please submit your rosters as soon as possible! Our cooking team needs to know about any allergies or dietary restrictions for both girls AND adults as soon as possible.

Troops without rosters submitted will have their reservations canceled. All overnight adults must be registered members of GSHPA and have all child protection clearances on file with GSHPA. Let us know if you have questions. If your troop has unregistered adults, their ability to stay overnight may be in jeopardy.

Unregistered adults may not supervise children who are not their own and may not stay overnight.

Mythological Madness and the Girl Scout Games

Look up at the sky so bright,
and enjoy our heavenly light.
It shines to protect us from the night,
and all the things that cause us fright.
But was it always there in the sky?
A delicious treat for the eye.
Brave legends were once told,
of heroes brave and bold.
Who stole for us the sun,
So that we may have some fun.
Join us here to learn, grow, and bond,
Join us, friend, at Golden Pond.

On September 22 – 24 we will climb Mount Olympus, explore the halls of Valhalla, and hike the Cedar Forest from the Epic of Gilgamesh while earning our Creative Play badges.  Girls will compete in challenges, play games, and meet mythological creatures.  There will be plenty of camp activities too: campfires, archery*, canoeing*, and Ga-Ga ball.

Registration for Fall Camporee will open August 1 and run through September 3 (or until camp is full).

Although camp rental rates have increased significantly, we are fortunate to have our weekend sponsored by a generous gift from an anonymous donor. The cost for this event is $15 per scout or $5 per adult, which covers food (snacks and dinner on Saturday) and program materials. Troops (of any level) can elect to spend the weekend (Friday night or Saturday night or both) or attend Saturday only.

If you would like to help facilitate camp (archery, canoeing, kitchen, program content, etc), please contact the camp committee.