Coyler Lake Trail

Here’s another fun and easy hike for your Girl Scout troop! The hike is 20 minutes from State College and is a beautiful loop around the lake.

To get to the parking lot, put in 178 Lingle Road, Centre Hall or go to Overview, Driving Directions at When you are in the parking lot facing the lake, you’ll see the hiking trail arrow off to your right.

There are different places to pick up the trail, but this will get you going in the direction so that the 3 stream crossings are at the end of your hike. It is best to leave the wet part for the end.  The loop took us 90 minutes at a leisurely pace.

The trail is well maintained and there are no big inclines and no rocks to pick your way through.  Some of the rocks at the stream crossings are spaced more for adults, but kids should be able to wade through if they get stuck. Water depth can vary but is typically around 2ft deep.  There were lots of pretty wild flowers in the Spring.

Financial Assistance

We wanted to provide some clarifications to the financial assistance policies since they seem to be a moving target lately.

If families are unable to afford a Girl Scout experience such as the service unit summer camporee or the Savannah trip, financial assistance may be available to help you out. Financial assistance is even available for troop outdoor experiences – not just council or service unit sponsored events. Continue reading “Financial Assistance”

Hiking Training Level 1 (Daisy/Brownie) Wrap-Up

Trail Training

Thank you to the five intrepid leaders who ventured out on a chilly April afternoon for Hiking Training Level 1.  We covered many topics and enjoyed an afternoon hike to explore the Spring Creek Canyon Trail from the Shiloh Road trail head.

Topics covered included:

  • Hiking Prep
  • Safety
  • Leave No Trace
  • Hiking Etiquette
  • Spring Creek Canyon History
Mystery Fireplace in Spring Creek Canyon
Old Fireplace

Interested in attending one of our upcoming Trail Training for Leaders Sessions in May?  You can learn more and register here.


Volunteering and Service Opportunities

There are many opportunities for a troop to give service back to the community in the State College Area. If your troop has a regular service project they do, please contact us and let us know. While most organizations are not looking for “once and done” volunteers, troops can often find smaller projects to do for an organization (hold a food drive, build cat trees, etc). Be sure to check with the organization to find out what kind of help or project they need.

Discovery Space

Volunteer Coordinator- Anna Schurter:

Discovery Space offers two methods for youth to volunteer with their program::
1) Adopt a Day – Cadettes and Older

A Cadette+ troop can adopt a day (or shift). The troop would then send two or three members to staff their adopted shift each week.

This allows for some continuity in terms of scheduling, and makes it more worthwhile to run a full training and orientation for your group. An adult would need to be present during the training and orientation and a decision would be made from there what will work best for the girls and for the museum in terms of an adult needing to be present during the actual shifts.

2) Hamer Camp Counselor Program

We are seeking responsible, hard-working and creative volunteers in grades 9-12 to become Counselors-in-Training (CITs) and eventually Camp Counselors to help with Discovery Space’s many summer camps.

Nittany Beagle Rescue

(Beagle Walkers)

Youth under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.  Groups cannot be accommodated, but a girl and her parent can volunteer to walk dogs who are staying at one of our area kennels.


PAWs accepts volunteers aged 10 and older. All youth under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. See their website for details.

State College Food Bank

Middle/High students can inquire in the Spring to work in Summer

ClearWater Conservancy

Snetsinger Butterfly Garden

Troops 4017040213, and 40427 maintain a plot at the Tudek Park butterfly garden. They welcome other troops or individual scouts to help with their plot, or a troop could take on a project of their own at the garden.

Troop Tips: Tracking Badges

Trax Spreadsheets

Audra Edmunds has created a set of excel sheets for tracking a troop’s progress through a level that is available for free. The spreadsheets include tabs for tracking badges, journeys, pins, dues, events attended, etc. In addition to tracking if the badge has been earned, the sheets also include columns to if the badge has been awarded yet so you can keep track of what you still need to hand out.

The sheets have even been updated with all the new badges and journeys.

Download Trax Spreadsheets.

Updated Badge Logs

If you are starting to lose track of all the new badges, you can also download updated badge logs from GSHPA for free.

Badge Resources

You can also find information on all the badges and comments from troop leaders in our area who have worked on them, along with local resources on our award lists pages. If you have insights to share with your fellow troop leaders, we want to hear from you.

While GSHPA’s Volunteer Toolkit does not provide the badge packets, it does have suggested lesson plans for all the badges and most journeys for the Daisy, Brownie, and Junior level.

Girl Scouts Farthest North Council also has a nice listing of all the new badges and their lesson plans.

If you have any tips or tools you use and would like to share, feel free to contact us.