Credit Card Fees and Free Shipping

If your troop would like to accept credit cards, but is concerned about processing fees, don’t worry! GSHPA will reimburse your troop for your payment processing fees. In order to be eligible, credit card payments must be set up to deposit into your troop bank account. You can then use the Reimbursement Request Template to request reimbursement. GSHPA asks that we use resources wisely and make sure that our transactions are worth the processing fees.

As a reminder, GSHPA will also pay a troop’s shipping for the Girl Scout shop via a free shipping code. If you are a troop leader and need to know the code, please contact us. GSHPA has asked that we use the code for larger orders so if you just need 1 or 2 badges, see if you can combine your order with another troop.

Note that you can only use one code per order so will not be able to combine the free shipping code with other offers.

Coyler Lake Trail

Here’s another fun and easy hike for your Girl Scout troop! The hike is 20 minutes from State College and is a beautiful loop around the lake.

To get to the parking lot, put in 178 Lingle Road, Centre Hall or go to Overview, Driving Directions at When you are in the parking lot facing the lake, you’ll see the hiking trail arrow off to your right.

There are different places to pick up the trail, but this will get you going in the direction so that the 3 stream crossings are at the end of your hike. It is best to leave the wet part for the end.  The loop took us 90 minutes at a leisurely pace.

The trail is well maintained and there are no big inclines and no rocks to pick your way through.  Some of the rocks at the stream crossings are spaced more for adults, but kids should be able to wade through if they get stuck. Water depth can vary but is typically around 2ft deep.  There were lots of pretty wild flowers in the Spring.

Financial Assistance

We wanted to provide some clarifications to the financial assistance policies since they seem to be a moving target lately.

If families are unable to afford a Girl Scout experience such as the service unit summer camporee or the Savannah trip, financial assistance may be available to help you out. Financial assistance is even available for troop outdoor experiences – not just council or service unit sponsored events. Continue reading “Financial Assistance”

Hiking Training Level 1 (Daisy/Brownie) Wrap-Up

Trail Training

Thank you to the five intrepid leaders who ventured out on a chilly April afternoon for Hiking Training Level 1.  We covered many topics and enjoyed an afternoon hike to explore the Spring Creek Canyon Trail from the Shiloh Road trail head.

Topics covered included:

  • Hiking Prep
  • Safety
  • Leave No Trace
  • Hiking Etiquette
  • Spring Creek Canyon History
Mystery Fireplace in Spring Creek Canyon
Old Fireplace

Interested in attending one of our upcoming Trail Training for Leaders Sessions in May?  You can learn more and register here.