Memorial Day 2021

Thank you to all the troops and families who helped us honor our fallen soldiers by either laying flowers in the cemetery or participating in the walk to the graves during the Boalsburg Memorial Weekend activities.

Throughout the weekend, Girl Scouts and their families stopped by the cemetery to lay flowers and pay their respects to our fallen.  On Monday evening, we joined the vintage ladies, Scouts BSA, and the Boalsburg Fire Company in walking to the cemetery from the town center to patriciate in a short ceremony.

Girl Scouts in the Gardens

The sunflowers in Tudek Park are continuing to grow, but we still need your help to make our Sunflower House a reality! In addition to helping with watering, we would also like to add a border of painted rocks. Troops (or individual families) are invited to paint rocks and leave them around the edge of the plot. We encourage groups to use these (or similar) rocks in order to provide uniformity. Rocks should be clear coated in order to protect against the elements.

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Sunflower House

Calling All Girl Scouts in State College!!  GSHPA Service Unit 416 has a plot of land at the Tudek Park Butterfly Garden.  This summer, we will be growing a Sunflower House for Girl Scouts and our community to enjoy!  Brownie Troop 41162 did a fantastic job getting the seeds planted, but we need your help watering the garden for the sunflowers to grow.  This plot needs to be watered every single day and we are hoping we can find volunteers to sign up through the link below to visit the Sunflower House, water it, and help care for it this summer.

You can sign up here.

Please feel free to sign up individually or as a troop!  Thank you in advance for helping grow a gorgeous Sunflower House and bringing much joy to our community this summer!

Questions?  Please contact the Girl Scout Butterfly Garden Coordinator:   Jordan Joyce, Brownie Troop Leader (41162)

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New Paddlesports Safety Facilitators

Congrats to Christine Clouse, Kathy Gipe, and Megan Roberts for completing the American Canoe Association Paddlesports Safety Facilitator (canoe) class! They spent the afternoon with the Confident Camper Foundation learning how to throw a throw bag, perform water rescues in a canoe, and plan a paddling trip. Our new Paddlesports Safety Facilitators are qualified to lead a group of Girl Scouts on a canoeing adventure.

Joan will be teaching an American Canoe Association Intro to Kayaking course on June 20th for anyone interested in learning paddling skills.

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Memorial Weekend

As Girl Scouts we have two opportunities to participate in the Memorial Weekend services and celebrations.

On Saturday, May 29th, we are invited to lay flowers on the graves of all the soldiers resting in the Boalsburg Cemetery. The flowers will be in a bucket for scouts to pick up anytime Saturday afternoon. Please let us know how many scouts you will have in attendance so we can make sure to have enough flowers.

On Monday, May 31st, we are invited to participate in the Ladies Walk to the Graves. We join other groups besides the vintage ladies such as the military reenacters, local Boy Scout troops, local military groups and many others. We help lead the townspeople to the cemetery. The ceremony last about an hour to an hour and a half and ends with cannon fire. This is a very solemn ceremony.