2018 Summer Camporee

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06/30/2018 - 07/02/2018
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Camp Golden Pond


Ambassadors, Brownies, Cadettes, Daisies, Juniors, Seniors

Uniform Hiking Boots


Join us for our last camporee at Camp Golden Pond as we work on our Naturalist Badges.


Girl Scouts can choose to come for the day only or the entire weekend. Participants who come for the day must pick either Saturday (Camp Day) or Sunday (Badge Day).


Kindergarten Daisies should register for Saturday.

1st grade Daisies (entering 2nd grade) who wish to spend the weekend should register as a Girl Scout Brownie and will complete the Brownie program on Sunday.

Saturday – Camp Day

Saturday will be a “camp day.” Activities will include archery*, canoeing*, fishing, swimming, camp fires and Girl Scout sisterhood.

Girls who come for Saturday only will NOT earn the naturalist badges, but will receive a camp patch.

*Archery and canoeing are weather and facilitator dependent.

Sunday – Badge Day

Sunday will be a “badge day.” Girls will spend this day working on badge requirements for their level.

Girl who come for Sunday only will NOT participate in archery, canoeing, fishing, or swimming as the facilitators for these activities will only be scheduled for Saturday.


All meals are provided for this camp. Please be sure to note any special dietary restrictions or needs when registering. Be specific! Please tell us if any participants are vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, nut-free, etc. Pickiness doesn’t count.

Day-only participants will be provided lunch and dinner on their camp day.

Weekend participants will receive Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Monday morning breakfast.


Early registration will run from April 1st until May 13th. Regular registration will run from May 14th until May 28 (or camp is full).

To qualify for early registration rates, all fees must be paid no later than May 18. Regular rate fees are due no later than June 1.

Girl Scout Sister Scout* Adult Tag-a-long Leader In Training**
Weekend $80 ($70 early) $60 ($50 early) $35 ($25 early) $60 $35
Day Only $45 ($35 early) $35 ($25 early) $25 ($15 early) $35 NA

*Sister Scout: Girl Scouts with sisters attending camp are eligible for the “Sister Scout” rate. The discounted rate will be applied to the younger girl(s) in the family after registrations are submitted. Please be sure to put a comment on your registration requesting the sister scout discount.

**Leader in Training: 8th grade and older Girl Scouts who are participating in our “Leader in Training” program.  Leaders in Training will run activities for younger scouts and help out with camp. There will also be 1-2 mandatory pre-camp training meetings that girls will need to attend. Leaders in Training are expected to be at camp for the entire weekend and will earn volunteer hours for their service.

While our Leaders in Training will get time to relax and camp, their focus for the weekend will be helping out with programming for the younger girls. Older girls who are NOT interested in participating in the Leader in Training program should register at the “Girl Scout” rate. If you have any questions about whether or not this program is right for you, please contact us.

Facilitators: Adult facilitators are not charged for the day they are facilitating activities.  If you are interested in facilitating a camp activity (archery, canoeing, or fishing), please let us know.

Tag-a-longs: Tag-a-longs are minor children who are not registered Girl Scouts. Children who are eligible for Girl Scout membership (Girls in grades K-12) must join Girl Scouts and register as a Girl Scout. Tag-a-longs must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

Financial Assistance: Financial assistance may be available through council.

Camperships: Families who require assistance can apply for a “campership.”  Our funds are extremely limited so we do ask that anyone seeking financial aid first apply through council. If you are unable to obtain aid through council, please send a letter to the camp committee explaining your situation and how much aid you are requesting.

Feel free to contact the camp committee if you have any questions about pricing.

Registration Instructions

All registrations should be done online. When registering you will need to know the following information for each participant:

  • Name and age/grade level
  • Parental contact information for minors
  • Emergency contact information (someone NOT at camp)
  • Allergies/restrictions – be specific! Our definition of kosher or vegetarian may not match yours.

Other things to note on your registration are lodging preferences and groupings (if you want to be near another troop) or special needs such as electricity for medical devices.

Troop Registration

If you are part of a troop attending Summer Camporee, talk to your troop leader. Troop leaders can choose to handle the troop registration themselves, or ask individual parents to register on their own.

Note that if want your parents to be able to pay their camp fees directly to the Service Unit online, they must do their own registrations. Troop leaders will get email notifications of individual troop members registering.

If you ask your parents to register themselves, please remind them that they need to have an account on our site (NOT the same as their GSHPA account) and they must be able to receive our emails. Because we are a small site, we are not whitelisted by any email providers and overly aggressive spam filters will not deliver our mail. Please check your settings with both your provider and email client.

Troops are responsible for providing enough adults to meet the GSHPA Safety Activity Checkpoints girl/adult ratios. Ratio adults must be registered and cleared through GSHPA.

Individual Registration

If you are not part of troop attending Summer Camporee, you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will remain with you at camp. All adults staying overnight must be registered and cleared through GSHPA.

Grade Level and Badge Program

Please select the grade level for your Girl Scout to reflect the badge program she intends to complete on Sunday. Girls who are bridging can choose to complete their current level’s badge or the badge for the level they are bridging into.

Camp Volunteer

We are asking for each participating troop to nominate one volunteer to attend 1-2 pre-camp planning meetings and to help facilitate our camp activities. The nominated volunteer must be fully registered and cleared through GSHPA and the troop should be able to meet their ratios without them. This volunteer should NOT be the troop leader and should understand that they will spend parts of the camp away from their troop.

Please supply the name of this volunteer on your registration form.


Please Login or Create an Account* to register for this event.

*If this is your first time registering directly for a State College Girl Scouts event, you will need to create an account.