2018 World Thinking Day: Impact

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Park Forest Baptist Church


Ambassadors, Brownies, Cadettes, Daisies, Juniors, Seniors

Uniform Class A

The 2018 World Thinking Day theme is “Impact.” Making an impact means having a strong effect on something or someone. This World Thinking Day, think about what it means to make an impact on the world—and celebrate being part of the Girl Scout global sisterhood.

Cadette Girl Scout [troop num=40416/] would like to invite your troop to join us in celebrating World Thinking Day from 6-8pm on April 27th at Park Forest Baptist Church.

Celebration of Countries

Any troop or Juliette may choose a country to represent with a display, a swap, an ink stamp, and a small sample of food. Country sign-ups should be completed by February 22 (the actual World Thinking Day).

To select your country, start the registration process (starting Feb 1st) and indicate your country preferences on the registration form. Your country will be confirmed after you SUBMIT your reservation (you can re-open and edit after your country is confirmed).

Country Assignment

Argentina - 41253
Australia - 40067
Brazil - 40427
Demark - 40429
Egypt - 40083
England - 40215
France - 40418
Germany - 40049
Greece - 40415
India - 40065
Italy - 40048
Japan - 40421
Mexico - 40412
New Zealand - 41220, 40218, 40072
Norway - 40411
Rwanda - 41123
Venezuela - 41124
Wales - 40080


1st year Daisy troops are encouraged to come to WTD as “tourists.” They don’t need to represent a country but they can still bring swaps.


This is a troop registration event – please have your troop leader complete the registration process for the entire troop. If your troop is not attending or you do not have a troop (Juliettes), you may register as an individual. Any girl attending without a troop must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

When you know how many Scouts and adults from your troop will be attending, please register online and send $5 per girl to Troop 40416 using the payment instructions in your confirmation email.

Note: While we love parental involvement, please understand that we have limited space and limit your adult attendees to GSHPA ratios. World Thinking Day is always a very popular event and we appreciate your help in keeping it about the girls.

All troops must follow GSHPA ratio guidelines. Adults may attend for free or make a small donation.

Feb 1st Registration Opens
Feb 22nd Country Selection Complete*
April 1st Registration Closes
April 3rd Payment due

*You must SUBMIT a roster to confirm a country selection. You can continue to edit your roster after your country is confirmed.


The $5 entrance fee for each Scout or Juliette will provide a 2018 WTD patch; a passport and pencil to use while visiting countries; beverages, plates, and utensils. It will also contribute to Park Forest Baptist Church for the use of their facility.

After your reservation is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions. We do require payment in advance and cannot guarantee a refund in the event of a no-show. Please review our event policies.

Please direct questions to [troop num=40416/].

We hope to see you there!


Please use this World Thinking Day 2018 – Checklist to help prepare for World Thinking Day.

The girls should do as much of the planning, decorating, crafting, and learning as is possible.

Each girl should come with 15-20 swaps to exchange at our swap meet. The swaps don’t have to be perfect but the girls should be making them. They should have a bag to put the swaps in and only later with an adult should they actually pin the swaps. (Goal: zero stab wounds.)

The display should fit on a table along with enough spare room to stamp passports and provide a small snack. Teams of girls should be stationed at the table in shifts to do the stamping and handing out of snacks. Girls should be prepared to say hello in their country’s language. Everyone wanting a stamp on their passport for that country should try to repeat the hello in that language.

This will be a large crowd in a large room. We ask that before the event starts, all troops stay at their assigned table (no pre touring).

SWAP MEET: Traditional Girl Scout Swap Etiquette is expected- you must swap with a Scout if asked. You cannot say no; no one is rejected. If you have several of one swap, just keep swapping!

After the SWAP meet, the girls will return to their assigned tables before beginning the touring. This way they can set down their swaps.

Adults can help with Daisies, monitor bathrooms, exits, and encourage orderly touring. We will be touring in a clockwise direction.



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