Trail Training – Beginners (D/B)

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2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Spring Creek - Shiloh Rd



Uniform None

This “Trail Training” session will start with the Shiloh Road end of Spring Creek Canyon. We will do 1-2 miles out and back across flat, easy terrain.

This trail is perfect for Daisies and Brownies or troops who are new to hiking.

Trail Training hikes are targeted at adult leaders and volunteers and will feature a guided hike designed to get our leaders ready to take their girls out on their own.

Discussion notes may include historical notes, botanical notes, and safety points that you may find useful when you take your girls out on your own. Maps and Leave-No-Trace cards will also be available.

Advance registration is required and the training is limited to 10 registered and cleared adult volunteers. Registration will open 3 weeks prior to the hike.


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