Spring Camp Facilitators – We Need You!

Spring Camp is right around the corner!

We are in need of facilitators to help out with archery, fishing, and canoeing. If you (or someone you know) can help us out, please let us know.

Facilitators are not charged for attending camp and are not required to be registered or cleared. These people can be dads, moms, adult siblings, friends, and neighbors.

Fishing facilitators must have a current fishing license and be comfortable teaching girls of all levels (K-12) how to cast, hook a worm, etc.

Archery facilitators must have their archery instructor certification.

Canoeing facilitators must have a current lifeguard certification.

If you can help out, please let us know: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0d4aa5ab2ea5f85-gshpa1

Snappy Logos Fun Patch Orders

Do you need fun patches? We will resume our group Snappy’s logos with the next order going out on Jan 15th.

Group orders allow us to take advantage of Snappy’s “Mix and Match” pricing to decrease the cost of individual patches. We will also split the flat rate shipping among all troops ordering patches.

I will contact each troop when the patches arrive and make arrangements to get the orders.

Shop at Snappy Logos and then submit your patch order.

Troop Tips: Tracking Badges

Trax Spreadsheets

Audra Edmunds has created a set of excel sheets for tracking a troop’s progress through a level that is available for free. The spreadsheets include tabs for tracking badges, journeys, pins, dues, events attended, etc. In addition to tracking if the badge has been earned, the sheets also include columns to if the badge has been awarded yet so you can keep track of what you still need to hand out.

The sheets have even been updated with all the new badges and journeys.

Download Trax Spreadsheets.

Updated Badge Logs

If you are starting to lose track of all the new badges, you can also download updated badge logs from GSHPA for free.

Badge Resources

You can also find information on all the badges and comments from troop leaders in our area who have worked on them, along with local resources on our award lists pages. If you have insights to share with your fellow troop leaders, we want to hear from you.

While GSHPA’s Volunteer Toolkit does not provide the badge packets, it does have suggested lesson plans for all the badges and most journeys for the Daisy, Brownie, and Junior level.

Girl Scouts Farthest North Council also has a nice listing of all the new badges and their lesson plans.

If you have any tips or tools you use and would like to share, feel free to contact us.

Free Archery Certification

Black Moshannon is offering a free USA Archery Level 1 certification class on September 30. Contact Black Moshannon at 814-342-5960 or blackmoshannonee@pa.gov to register or with questions.

Having this certification will allow you to facilitate an archery activity for Girl Scouts.

Do you Have Any Badge Ideas?

As we finish out another amazing year, we want to hear about the badges, journeys, and other awards you earned! If you earned a badge or did a journey in a creative and fun way, leave a comment in our Badge and Award Listings.

If you notice we are missing something (a local patch or council’s own badge), please let us know!