Wayne Township Nature Park

Wayne Township Nature Park (191 Linnippi Trail, Lock Haven) is 45 minutes from State College and well worth the drive. There are so many fun treasures for Girl Scouts to discover high and low along the easy flat trails. Spring is a great time to visit, as much of the trail is beside a beautiful flowing creek. Before you start you hike, snap a photo of the hand drawn trail map on a sign at the parking lot. You will see Big Foot on the map, don’t miss hiking over to see him!

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Hike Challenge 12: Thousand Steps

This week we are heading to Thousand Steps!  It sounds intimidating and it can be, but if you take the slow and steady approach, this hike is totally doable even for our younger Scouts.  The hike is predominately uphill with areas to stop and rest along the way.  It is boulder hiking, so each step is either a root or a rock that you will be stepping up on as you move up the hill.  Please be sure to take water with you on this hike.  There are several stopping points with great views of the area and at the top there is a hiking trail with an overlook.  We’ve also done this hike in the fall and it is lovely to do then too.  Take your time and enjoy the process.  Keep your eyes out for the step markers indicating 100, 200, 300, etc.  They go by a lot faster than you might think!  Going down can sometimes be harder than going up as your calves may start twitching on the way down.  Do not attempt this hike before or after potential rainfall because it would be slippery. 

Week 12 Hike:  Thousand Steps  


Distance:  3.4 miles out (up) and back (down) 1125 foot elevation change

Thousand Steps Trail Map
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Hike Challenge 11: Greenwood Furnace State Park Loop

This week we are heading about 30 minutes away to Greenwood Furnace State Park to do the Greenwood Furnace Loop.  This area is a hidden gem with a lovely lake and an opportunity to learn more about the historical mining industry in our area.  

Week 11 Hike:  Greenwood Furnace State Park Loop  https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/pennsylvania/greenwood-furnace-state-park-loop

Distance:  4.5 mile loop, 971 foot elevation change

Greenwood Furnace State Park Loop
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Hike Challenge 10: Canoe Creek State Park

Hello everyone!  Week 10!!!  This week we are heading a little bit further away from State College toward Holidaysburg area to explore the hiking options at Canoe Creek State Park.  This is going to be somewhat different than what we normally do which is identify a trail and send you the map.  For this week, we are sharing with you all the information on the Canoe Creek State Park’s trails which vary in distance from 0.4 miles to 3.2 miles in length.  Upon arriving at the park, grab a map from the visitor’s center or bring a printed copy of the attached map.  Have your daughter decide which trail/s she wants to explore, and let her lead the way!  By now she should be able to navigate using a map and blaze markings.  Have fun with this one!!

Week 10 Hike:  Canoe Creek State Park https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/CanoeCreekStatePark/Pages/Hiking.aspx

Distance: Varies from 0.3 miles to 3.2 miles, elevations and difficult levels vary as well.  

Canoe Creek State Park Map
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