Brave Beanie Project: Troop 40418

Girl Scout Troop 40418 did a virtual party with The Brave Beanie Project, a local organization,  and made 6 beanies. The beanies will go to kids across the country who are chronically ill or have disabilities. What a fun and meaningful project!

This is a great service project for ages 10 and up. No special skills are needed, and the organization provided all of the supplies and ran a 1 hour Google class for us. The hat part of the beanies are crocheted by volunteers; and our girls put on the yarn hair with a crochet hook and then styled it.


We hope all our troops are on their way towards a successful cookie season!

If you have set up your Troop Digital Cookie site, you can send the link to and we will include it on our Find Cookies page.

Troops can also use the Service Unit Cookie Booth Sales Predictor as we get into booth season. Please note – we did not collect cookie booth sales data for 2021 so all predictions will be based off pre-COVID numbers. In order to reset the predictions, we will need any troops doing booths to submit their sales data. The more troops that provide data, the better our predictions will be. If you have any problems with the Cookie Booth predictor, please let us know by emailing

First Aid Training

The Service Unit is working on scheduling a local First Aid and CPR certification course. If you need certification, please let us know using the contact form below. Please include any important information such as availability and any deadlines for you to obtain/renew your certifications. Older girl troops looking to hold a course for their entire troop can also use the form below.

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Silver Award: Storybook Walk

Congrats to Camryn Anderson from Troop 40429 for earning her Silver Award!

Camryn built a StoryWalk® at Ferguson Township Elementary school. A StoryWalk® is an outdoor installation that encourages movement and reading. Each station has a single page from the book and readers must move to the next station to continue the story. Camryn’s installation at Ferguson Township Elementary includes 19 different posts. Camryn made 4 different books for the walk, so that the school will be able to change out the stories.

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Service Unit Planning Meeting

We will have an in person Service Unit meeting in the café in Wegman’s State College on January 8th at 1PM.

We hope that every troop will send a representative so that we can start planning community wide events in 2020. Attending Service Unit meetings is a great way to meet other troop leaders, ask questions, and learn what kinds of things other troops in the area are doing.