Troop 41374 Goes to Iceland

Our trip to Iceland was an unforgettable adventure that started about two years before we ever got on a plane. Over the course of our sophomore and junior years of high school, we spent meetings doing research and discussing where we wanted to go, and how we would be able to get there. All the hours spent researching and fundraising finally paid off when we, about a week before our trip, collectively felt it sink in that “hey, we’re going to Iceland!” Our week there was jam-packed with loads of cultural and outdoorsy activities. We visited museums, went whale spotting, and hiked to our hearts’ content.

Overall, this trip was a once in a lifetime experience that was more than just a trip across the ocean, it was a lesson in what it means to be a Girl Scout: a hard-working citizen of the world, just trying to spread kindness wherever she walks.

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Summer Fun

Your Troop may (or may not) be taking a break from meetings this summer but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end.

Check out all of our exciting events coming up at

First up is the Parade of Heroes on July 4th (1:15 p – 4:00 p).  All girls are encouraged to participate.  If girls are not with a Troop leader we ask a parent to join in.  Girls (and adults) should be in red, white, and Blue and their uniform item (vest/sash/tunic) or full Girl Scout Uniform – white shirt, khaki bottoms, and uniform item.

During Arts Festival you can stop by the fundraiser for the older girls going to Savannah June 2019.  They will be at Advance Auto Parts on July 14th from 10-2.  Come on out to say hi, get your car cleaned, and support a good cause! For more details click here.

Other events listed on the website include the Brownie Hiking Badge at Millbrook Marsh (7/22) , another All Ages Girl Scout Hike  (8/4) around Coyler Lake, and Spikes Scout Night (8/10).

And don’t forget to save the date for Fall Camporee (9/21 – 9/23) and Bridging (9/30)!

If you have an event you would like us to publicize, please let us know!


Help Needed

As our older girls move upward and onward, we are in need of new volunteers to help organize and run all the amazing activities our Service Unit does. The Service Unit is entirely run by volunteers; without your help, we cannot offer many of the activities you enjoy.

We have an immediate need for one or two volunteers to be our Service Unit’s Fall Product Liason(s). They will help organize the Fall Product sales (nuts/candy/magazines) for our Service Unit.  Liaisons will receive support from both the Service Unit and Council.

Other volunteer needs include:

  • Activities Planning Committee
  • Camp Committee
  • Bridging Committee
  • STEM Exploration Committee
  • Arts Exploration Committee
  • Community Service Committee
  • Newsletter Coordinator

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us! You do not need to be a troop leader to volunteer at the Service Unit level.

Girl Scouts Outdoors

Summer is underway and we hope you are having fun with your troop and family! Be sure to check out the Summer Outdoor Challenge. As always, we love getting feedback and photos as well as suggestions for the next outdoor challenge. You can email us at

If you are looking for a fun way to get outside while giving service, our Service Unit takes care of a garden plot in the Snetsinger Butterfly Garden. This activity provides our girls and adults with an opportunity to not only bring joy to thousands of individuals, but to learn about the plants and creatures that make our way of life possible. If you have questions about helping with the garden, please contact Troop 40170.

Troop 40416 Bronze Award – Buddy Bench

Junior Troop 40416 saw a need at their Elementary School playground during recess. They wanted to take action and help children who did not have friends to play with at recess. Whether they be new, shy, or struggling, the Juniors wanted them to have a way to find a playmate to talk, play or sit next to- if they wanted. The nine girls in the Junior troop used their cookie money and asked for local hardware stores donations to buy materials for a bench which they helped to build. They painted the bench, decorated it, weather-proofed it, and then arranged for it to be placed at the school playground. While doing this, they proposed the idea to the PTO at an evening meeting, got approval for the project from the school principal and the custodian, and made an educational video about the Bench for the school to see: Buddy Bench Video

The idea is if a child is in need of company, they sit on the bench. Then other kids know they need a friend. The Scouts promised to always watch the bench for a person in need of a friend. Continue reading “Troop 40416 Bronze Award – Buddy Bench”