Troop 41374 Goes to Iceland

Our trip to Iceland was an unforgettable adventure that started about two years before we ever got on a plane. Over the course of our sophomore and junior years of high school, we spent meetings doing research and discussing where we wanted to go, and how we would be able to get there. All the hours spent researching and fundraising finally paid off when we, about a week before our trip, collectively felt it sink in that “hey, we’re going to Iceland!” Our week there was jam-packed with loads of cultural and outdoorsy activities. We visited museums, went whale spotting, and hiked to our hearts’ content.

Overall, this trip was a once in a lifetime experience that was more than just a trip across the ocean, it was a lesson in what it means to be a Girl Scout: a hard-working citizen of the world, just trying to spread kindness wherever she walks.

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Service Unit Updates

Fall Camporee

Registration for our Fall Camporee is opening on August 1st. We will be packing our bags and heading out to Camp Anderson in Tyrone for a pioneer-themed camp learning outdoor skills.

If your troop is interested in teaching a skill or leading a craft, be sure to sign up as Camp Helpers and let us know where your talents lie!

Click here for more information.

Outdoor Challenge

If you ordered Spring Outdoor Challenge patches, Heather has them. We will be scheduling a “Patch Pick Up” day once we get our summer camp badges.

In the meantime, you can start putting in your Summer Outdoor Challenge patch or rocker orders.

Leadership Transition

Jodi Vender is stepping down as Service Unit Leader and will be succeeded by Christine Clouse.

Jeannie Peters is stepping down as Service Unit Treasurer. We are looking for a replacement.

Rachel Griel will no longer be our Fall Product Liaison. We are looking for a replacement.

If you are interested in joining the Service Unit Leadership Team, please let us know!

Help Needed

Your service unit is in need of additional volunteers to help ensure our girls have the best Girl Scout experience we can offer. Specifically we are looking for some people to help with the following activities:

  • Fall Product Laison
  • Treasurer
  • Communications – updating our website, Facebook, and putting our newsletter together
  • Recognition of outstanding volunteers, girls, and troops
  • Fundraising
  • Activities Planning Committee
  • Camp Committee
  • Bridging Committee
  • STEM Exploration Committee
  • Arts Exploration Committee
  • Community Involvement Committee

If you would like to help, please let us know!