Troop 40418 Bronze Award – Centre Wildlife Care

The girls of Troop 40418 researched many organizations and thought about needs in their community.  They all have a love of animals and so decided to visit Centre Wildlife Care to learn more about the organization, and see how they could help the organization with their needs. Centre Wildlife Care cares for injured and sick local animals for the purpose of releasing them back into the wild. CWC said that a big way the girls could help was with bringing in donations. We also noticed that there were sugar gliders and other marsupials there that were huddled in fleece hanging pouches in their cages. Continue reading “Troop 40418 Bronze Award – Centre Wildlife Care”

Troop 40125 Bronze Award – Save the Bees

Our project focused on the importance of bees to our food supply and environment and took action to save bees by educating others and positively impacting bees’ habitat. The issue addressed was declining bee population, primarily due to loss of food/pollen supply and their habitat in general. Bees pollinate many fruits and other foods we eat, so they are critical to the overall health of our world. Continue reading “Troop 40125 Bronze Award – Save the Bees”

Girl Scout Pen Pals

We have been contacted by a Girl Scout troop from Florida looking to become pen pals with a Girl Scout troop from another part of the country.

If your troop would like to participate, please let us know and we will help everyone exchange contact information.