Troop 40416 Bronze Award – Buddy Bench

Junior Troop 40416 saw a need at their Elementary School playground during recess. They wanted to take action and help children who did not have friends to play with at recess. Whether they be new, shy, or struggling, the Juniors wanted them to have a way to find a playmate to talk, play or sit next to- if they wanted. The nine girls in the Junior troop used their cookie money and asked for local hardware stores donations to buy materials for a bench which they helped to build. They painted the bench, decorated it, weather-proofed it, and then arranged for it to be placed at the school playground. While doing this, they proposed the idea to the PTO at an evening meeting, got approval for the project from the school principal and the custodian, and made an educational video about the Bench for the school to see: Buddy Bench Video

The idea is if a child is in need of company, they sit on the bench. Then other kids know they need a friend. The Scouts promised to always watch the bench for a person in need of a friend. Continue reading “Troop 40416 Bronze Award – Buddy Bench”

Friends of Golden Pond meeting Wed. June 6 at SCAHS

 As you’ve likely heard, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania decided last November to sell Camp Golden Pond and two other council camps. They are holding a closing ceremony on July 28, thirty years after its opening ceremony.

A group called Friends of Golden Pond has formed to make it possible for our 2019 Summer Camporee and many future events to take place at Camp Golden Pond.

Friends of Golden Pond will hold a community meeting on Wednesday, June 6 at 7:00 p.m. at the State College Area High School to discuss their plan and gauge our interest in saving the camp.

We encourage all parents, alumni, and community members who want our girls back at Camp Golden Pond next summer to attend the June 6 meeting and show support. Please spread the word to others in your networks who may be interested!

You can find out more information about the group at and

Coyler Lake Trail

Here’s another fun and easy hike for your Girl Scout troop! The hike is 20 minutes from State College and is a beautiful loop around the lake.

To get to the parking lot, put in 178 Lingle Road, Centre Hall or go to Overview, Driving Directions at When you are in the parking lot facing the lake, you’ll see the hiking trail arrow off to your right.

There are different places to pick up the trail, but this will get you going in the direction so that the 3 stream crossings are at the end of your hike. It is best to leave the wet part for the end.  The loop took us 90 minutes at a leisurely pace.

The trail is well maintained and there are no big inclines and no rocks to pick your way through.  Some of the rocks at the stream crossings are spaced more for adults, but kids should be able to wade through if they get stuck. Water depth can vary but is typically around 2ft deep.  There were lots of pretty wild flowers in the Spring.

Journeys, Badges, and Awards!

This summer we will be reorganizing our site’s awards section to make it easier to find the information you need. As part of that effort, we need your help!

If your troop completed a journey or earned their Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards, we want to hear about it. If your troop did something fun and exciting to earn a badge, we want to know.

Our hope is to flush out the awards and badges section with completion suggestions and resources that our local troop leaders can use.

We also want to hear about any Council’s Own badges that we can add information for.

To submit badge or project information, please contact us.