Troop 40065

We are a group of girls entering 6th grade from Delta, Mount Nittany, and Park Forest middle schools.  We will be bridging from Juniors to Cadettes in the fall of 2019.
We tend to meet two Sunday afternoons a month at Grace Lutheran Church for regular meetings.  We will occasionally add extra days if there is a special community activity.  We like to be outside and active as much as possible – going on hikes, enjoying community resources, volunteering, and learning new things.  We like to see how we can make a difference in the world around us and are especially focused this year on helping the environment and local wildlife.   In previous years we focused on local homeless and assisting children in the foster care system.  We would like to try our hands at a canoe/kayak adventure this fall with the possibility of a white water rafting trip during the summer of 2020

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Troop 41124

We are a Brownie, Junior, and Cadette troop.

Troop 41124 is a multi level troop (Brownie-Cadette). This troop serves as an alternate “second chance” troop which focuses on including kids who might not fit well with existing troops available. Our troop takes a democratic approach to scouts. Girls, parents and leaders meet and have a say in the activities that we do and we encourage all members to have a chance to lead at least one lesson per year on a topic of their choice. We focus on the teaching of respecting and accepting ourselves and others through mindfulness and friendship. We do many activities which promote positive mental health and well being, as well as promoting individual growth. We work on badges and activities centralized around Arts, Science Engineering and Technology.
This troop is associated with their sister troop, 41125, which will eventually be merged into this troop within the year. We will consider new members, however only by request first. We have a good number of members who either require modifications to curriculum or meetings due to learning and/or social disabilities. In order to best meet the needs of those in our group, it has to first be discussed among everyone and may require a trial to make sure that our troop is right for them, which we are happy to do.
Right now our physical meeting place is unavailable due to COVID 19 restrictions. We plan to move ahead with digital platform meetings for the time being and if the girls feel comfortable, they may “pod” or buddy up with a member of the group so that they at least have a partner to participate with when we do our group activities through video chat. At this time we are requesting that all members partaking in video conferencing at home be accompanied by a parent or guardian during meet ups for supervision

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