Troop 40056

We are a Daisy troop of First Graders who meet on Monday/Wednesday of each month. We have several different schools represented in our troop and we are focusing on the Daisy badges and journeys this year as well as learning songs, arts and crafts, and more.

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Troop 41125

Troop 41125 is a multi level troop (Daisy and Brownie).

This troop serves as an alternate “second chance” troop which focuses on including kids who might not fit well with existing troops available. Our troop takes a democratic approach to scouts. Girls, parents and leaders meet and have a say in the activities that we do and we encourage all members to have a chance to lead at least one lesson per year on a topic of their choice. We focus on the teaching of respecting and accepting ourselves and others through mindfulness and friendship. We do many activities which promote positive mental health and well being, as well as promoting individual growth. We work on badges and activities centralized around Arts, Science Engineering and Technology.

This troop is associated with their sister troop, 41124. This will be the last year of this troop and during this year we will be working on moving each member to their sister troop now that they are older. We are not currently accepting anymore Daisies, as when the two troops merge, this one will dissolve and all members will then be members of troop 41124.

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Troop 40170

Troop 40170 has K-5th grade girls from several different elementary schools. Our activities range from crafts with recycled items, meeting our emergency responders, exploring the outdoors, and planting flower gardens.

The troop meets once a month on Sunday afternoon at Our Lady of Victory church. Each level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior) will also have a second activity during the month.

Most (but not all) of our families are members of the Our Lady of Victory parish.

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