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Use this form to contact the Site Administrator and/or Community 416 Leaders. To contact a single, specific troop, please use the Troop Directory. If you want to invite several troops to an event, please use this form and we will forward your invitation to the appropriate troops as well as add the event to our calendar and put it in our newsletter. If you try to message multiple troops individually, you will get flagged by our spam filters. Note: if you have an event you want to advertise to our membership, we highly recommend at least 1 month’s notice to ensure that your event makes it onto the calendar for our monthly newsletter. For generic membership and troop placement questions, please contact GSHPA directly or use the GSHPA opportunity catalog. There are a number of troops in the area who choose not to participate in our directory and the GSHPA staff are the best way to find out if they have openings. You may also want to contact: