World Thinking Day

What is World Thinking Day (WTD)?

Making the world a better place is Girl Scout Law, so it’s no surprise we have a holiday dedicated to doing just that. Each February 22, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across 150 countries celebrate World Thinking Day. It’s a day of international friendship and a time to stand up for causes that could improve the lives of girls around the globe. And while the holiday itself comes in February, the World Thinking Day Award can be earned at any time of year.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), which you—as a Girl Scout—are part of, has celebrated World Thinking Day since 1926.  Observed by 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide, World Thinking Day has a different theme each year. In 2022, the theme is “Our World: Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender Equality.” 

How does our Service Unit Celebrate WTD?

Our service unit celebrates WTD by hosting a service unit-wide WTD event.  Each Troop chooses a country to represent at this event.  They research their country, make posters, learn how to say “ hello” in their country’s language, make swaps that reflect something they learned about their country, etc.  Girls take turns “touring” other countries and learning about different cultures.  At the beginning and end of the WTD event, the girls come together to share in song and celebration.   Girls will be given “passports” in which they can get stamps from each country booth during the event.  Girls will also receive patches for participating in the event.    

When will our WTD be held?

In 2022, we will be holding our WTD event on Saturday, May 21st from 2-4pm at Park Forest Elementary School’s Cafeteria/Gym. Additional details will be shared with Troop Leaders closer to the date of the event.        

 How much does WTD cost?

The cost for your Troop to enter is free.  The cost for WTD patches for your Scouts is $3 per patch/girl.   

What does my Troop/ Scout need to do?

Your Troop will identify one or more countries (suggest no more than one country for every 4 girls in a Troop) to learn about and become that county’s Ambassadors during our World Thinking Day celebration.  Your Troop can make posters, dress up in themed costumes (culturally appropriate, not cultural appropriation please!), and should come prepared to say hello in your country’s primary language as well as with swaps for your girls to give to other scouts.  We suggest making one swap per anticipated girl attending the event, so please come prepared with circa 100 swaps (we will have a better count closer to the day of the event).  Preparing for WTD is an excellent way for your girls to remain engaged by doing research, testing out recipes, building out their posters, and making swaps!    

How can we learn about our country?

Here are some awesome resources for your girls to learn about the country they have selected.  Also, Schlow has videos you can rent that show what a day in th life of a child is like in some countries.  This year the theme is “Our World: Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender Equality.”

Guest speakers are a great way to have a virtual meeting and learn about your country!  

U.S. Department of State Countries and Areas Info Pages: Here you can select a country/area and access county factsheets and information on US relations with your country!

CIA World Facebook:  Here you can explore country information and access maps and fun facts about your country!

NASA Climate Kids:

EPA Climate Change Resources:

WTD Packets and Guides:

Do you need more information? Check out WTD Updates and AnnouncementsSchedule , or use the form below to contact the WTD Chair!

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