Booth Data FAQs

Are numbers in cases or boxes?

All numbers are in boxes of cookies, not cases.

What is CPH?

CPH is Cookies (boxes) Per Hour.

What does the Booth Summary tell me?

Total  is the total for that column (cookie type) across all matching booths.

Min is the minimum number for a column across all matching booths. If one troop only sold 1 Tag-a-long and a different troop only sold 2 Thin Mints, you would see 1 Tag-a-long and 2 Thin Mints here in the “Min” row.

Max is the maximum number for a column across all matching booths.

Average is the average for a column across all matching booths.

Prediction is what the predictor thinks your booth should sell based on a statistical analysis of other similar booths. Please pay attention to the “Hours” column.

What are “Other” cookies?

“Other” cookies are either retired cookies or cookies from troops that did not track their sales by individual type. Unknown cookies are not used by the prediction system, but retired cookies are. If the predictor suggests “other”, it is using retired cookies (Rah-Rah-Raisins) in its calculations.

Where does the data come from?

After a booth, troops will submit details about their booth and their sales numbers. If you find this tool useful, please contribute your sales data. Our data is not linked to ebudde or any other official GSHPA system.

How do you come up with predictions?

The system performs a statistical analysis of all available booth data. By examining the variances it is able to determine which booth properties (location, day, troop level, etc) impact a sale and by how much. These calculations are performed live, so as soon as a new booth sale is entered into the system, it starts impacting future predictions.


Because Adventurfuls are new, the predictor does not know how to predict them. Once troops provide data for the new cookie, the predictor will be able to better determine how well they will perform.

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