From Your Service Unit Leader…

Volunteering in the Service Unit

Check out all the great Troop and Volunteer led events coming up:

Reminder any Troop or Volunteer can organize an event at the Service Unit Level.  This includes events for a single Girl Scout level.  Come share an idea at the Service Unit Meeting (our next one will be November 4th at 6:30 pm) or Contact Us to put an event on the calendar.


Service Unit 416 is in need of 3 delegates and 3 alternates. Delegates serve as our voice in the council, vote at the annual meeting, and attend biannual governance meetings. For more information about delegates see

Being a delegate or alternate is not a demanding position and is a great assistance to our Service Unit. The only way that we can make sure GSHPA is moving in the direction we want is to ensure that we have a voice at the table and the way we do that is with our delegates.

All members (girl and adult) aged 14 and older are eligible to serve as either delegate or alternate.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know to serve as the voice for the State College Girl Scouts or get more information on the responsibilities, please contact us.

We will be taking nominations until Nov 18th.

C/S/A Organizer(s)

As Girl Scouts get older the troops traditionally get smaller or many C/S/A choose to become Juliettes. The Service Unit is looking for dedicated volunteer(s) to help meet the unique needs of older Girls as they continue on their Girl Scout Adventure.  This can be planning a journey event, badge activities, or fun meet-ups (such as a pizza and bowling day).  It could also include a Silver or Gold mentor to assist girls and leaders who are working towards these awards.  If you are a parent, leader, retired leader who wants to see our older girls maximize their Girls Scout experience please contact us.


The Service Unit is in need of 1-2 people to take over the Treasurer Duties.  This is a necessary position that can be done by any registered cleared adult.  It is not a large time commitment but is of great assistance in the smooth running of the Service Unit.

Camp Committee

We will have a Camp Committee Meeting on Sunday, November 18th at 6 pm at Centre Region Council of Governments (2643 Gateway Dr – State College).

As you may know the Service Unit put on several Camporees last Girl Scout year.  Many of the people who ran those camps are stepping down.  If we wish to continue to put on camps a new Camp Committee needs to be formed.  We are looking for people to investigate where we can have camps in the future as well as plan camps.  Please let us know if you are interested in assisting – Contact Us.

Golden Pond Updates

Friends of Golden Pond is working to reopen the camp for Spring 2019 and move all costs and maintenance associated with the property to Friends of Golden Pond.

GSHPA and Friends of Camp Louise are in the process of negotiating a sales agreement.

To review the property committee meeting minutes click here.

From Your Service Unit Leader:

I am hoping everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to a spectacular new Girl Scout year.  We are working on many fun events for the upcoming 2018-2019 troop year, which officially runs from 10/1/18-9/30/19.  All events will be listed on our calendar as they are announced:

Over the summer, in preparation of my new role, I received information from GSHPA and advice from our previous Service Unit leader, Jodi Vender. I also spent a lot of time with the girls.  This summer I’ve seen girls working in the garden at Tudek Park, teaching/earning the Bugs and Flowers badges at camp, climbing the ropes course at Carnegie Science Center, earning their Hiking badge at Millbrook Marsh, baking unicorn cupcakes at TasteBuds Kitchen, sleeping overnight at the Spikes stadium, and working together to go to Savannah next summer. The sisterhood and friendships girls build in Girl Scouts is marvelous.

I’ve also seen the struggle as Golden Pond was closed this past July. I know how this has saddened both girls and volunteers who’ve come to see it as a second home. The Camping Committee is striving to continue producing Camporees and is looking for assistance in continuing this Girl Scout tradition. For more information on joining the committee contact them here.

Please consider helping out at Fall Camporee if you have a “Pioneering camp skill” to share with the girls.  Also remember camping skills are a progression that can be learned at any time.

Why does the Service Unit exist?

The Service Unit gives troops a chance to collaborate with other troops to produce quality programming that they may not be able to do on their own due to constraints of time, information, and numbers.  The Service Unit also allows older girls and younger girls the opportunity to be together and learn from each other.  Examples of this include the cookie rally, camporees, badge workshops, World Thinking Day, Journey weekends and other events that have been produced throughout the last few years.  These events have all been organized and run by volunteers (both adult and girl).  Lastly the Service Unit assists with the sale of Fall Product and Cookies.

Our Service Unit is large.  Last year Service Unit 416 had just over 400 girls registered.  They were involved in more than forty troops.  That is a lot of meetings, badges, awards, activities, etc. for the girls.  It is also a lot of time, effort, emails, phone calls, etc. on the part of the leaders.

To better facilitate communication we started the website two years ago.  It provides families and leaders a central location to find out information about events.  Please check out If you are on Facebook we have a group where we share information within the Service Unit and a page which we use for recruiting and advertising purposes.

How can I help?

Our community has so many amazing people in it who have a lot to share with the girls.  Please consider taking on one of these essential Service Unit Positions.  (Parents as well as girls in eighth grade and up are encouraged to participate.)

  • Delegates (2, plus 2 alternates; must be members age 14 or older)
  • Treasurer (must be an adult member with clearances)
  • Communications – updating our website, Facebook, and putting our newsletter together
  • Recognition of outstanding volunteers, girls, and troops
  • Fundraising
  • Activities Planning Committee
  • Camp Committee
  • Bridging Committee
  • STEAM Exploration Committee
  • Community Involvement Committee

The Service Unit needs your help to keep our amazing programming going.  I would like to encourage every troop to think of how they can contribute to and expand our offerings throughout the year.

Ways troops can contribute:

  • Run a badge workshop for a younger level
  • Organize an badge/journey for their own level
  • Organize a level based or Service Unit based get together
  • Organize programming at a future camporee
  • Explore an area of interest and present a workshop on it
  • Plan a trip or sleepover
  • Organize a Community Service event

Remember, Girl Scouts is Girl-Led.  We want to hear their ideas and see them implement them.

Service Unit Updates

Fall Camporee

Registration for our Fall Camporee is opening on August 1st. We will be packing our bags and heading out to Camp Anderson in Tyrone for a pioneer-themed camp learning outdoor skills.

If your troop is interested in teaching a skill or leading a craft, be sure to sign up as Camp Helpers and let us know where your talents lie!

Click here for more information.

Outdoor Challenge

If you ordered Spring Outdoor Challenge patches, Heather has them. We will be scheduling a “Patch Pick Up” day once we get our summer camp badges.

In the meantime, you can start putting in your Summer Outdoor Challenge patch or rocker orders.

Leadership Transition

Jodi Vender is stepping down as Service Unit Leader and will be succeeded by Christine Clouse.

Jeannie Peters is stepping down as Service Unit Treasurer. We are looking for a replacement.

Rachel Griel will no longer be our Fall Product Liaison. We are looking for a replacement.

If you are interested in joining the Service Unit Leadership Team, please let us know!

Help Needed

Your service unit is in need of additional volunteers to help ensure our girls have the best Girl Scout experience we can offer. Specifically we are looking for some people to help with the following activities:

  • Fall Product Laison
  • Treasurer
  • Communications – updating our website, Facebook, and putting our newsletter together
  • Recognition of outstanding volunteers, girls, and troops
  • Fundraising
  • Activities Planning Committee
  • Camp Committee
  • Bridging Committee
  • STEM Exploration Committee
  • Arts Exploration Committee
  • Community Involvement Committee

If you would like to help, please let us know!