Camporee Packing List

Camp is a fun an exciting place full of a variety of activities, but if you aren’t prepared a fun weekend can turn into a disaster. This is a generic packing list, specific camporees may have additional needs. Be sure to check the meal details for your camporee to find out what meals you are responsible for and which ones camp will provide.

All Campers

___ A positive attitude ___ Permission and health forms (completed and signed! Troop Leader will keep throughout weekend) ___ Water bottle ___ Small daypack or drawstring backpack to carry during activities ___ Shirt/shorts or pants that can get dirty and possibly paint-splattered (some paint may not be washable). We HIGHLY recommend long pants to protect against poison ivy and ticks. ___ Sturdy shoes or sneakers (no sandals, crocs, tevas, keens with open spaces, etc – such footwear may only be worn at swimming beach) ___ Socks (must be worn at ALL times-bring extras!) ___ Rain boots, hiking boots or extra shoes – must have second pair of footwear! ___ Rain poncho or raincoat/hat (umbrellas are less useful–Dollar Store has cheap, packable ponchos that work better than umbrella) ___ Sweatshirt, sweater, or jacket ___ Hat (may be used for SWAPS) ___ Several plastic grocery bags (to bring home wet stuff) ___ Hand towel/washcloth (we’d like to limit use of paper towels for hand-drying) ___ Non-aerosol sunscreen and insect repellent (may not be shared) ___ Any medication needed (prescription or over-the-counter, epipens or inhalers) and directions for administration — will be kept with Troop Leader; be sure to label with camper’s name ___ Extra pair of clothes and shoes. Even if not staying overnight, or if swimming or canoeing isn’t on the schedule, girls have been known to accidentally walk off the edge off the dock. It’s much more pleasant to go home warm and dry.


If swimming is offered at your camporee (check your camporee details) ___ Swimsuit ___ Towel for after swimming


___ Sleeping bag or bedroll and pillow; twin fitted sheet also recommended (makes plastic mattress more comfy) ___ Flashlight and extra batteries ___ Sleeping apparel ___ At least one complete change of clothing, extra underwear ___ Comb/brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, other toiletries (deodorant, feminine hygiene products if needed) ___ Book for quiet-time reading, if any (leave electronics at home!)

Optional Items

___ Bandana – scores of uses! See ___ SWAPS from your troop to share ___ ashes from past campfires you may wish to contribute for ash ceremony, if one is planned


Additional food or candy (don’t want to attract critters!) ~ Anything of value ~ electronics/iPods/cell phones (reception is poor at camp) ~ Hair Dryers ~ Anything aerosol ~ perfume (some are allergic to it; may attract flying pests) Pay attention to the weather predicted for our time at camp. Prepare! The girls will get dirty, wet, muddy, and possibly paint-splattered. Do not send shoes or clothes that cannot take abuse! Do not send uniforms. Send long pants and a jacket even if the weather will be warm. Please label everything sent to camp with name and troop number. Try to send no more than a bedroll and one bag.


  • Patience
  • A sense of humor
  • Permission slips
  • Health forms for everyone attending (including all adults)
  • Basic first aid kit (we’ll have a fully-stocked first aid kit available at Legacy)
  • Daypack/bag to carry during activities
  • Travel mug for caffeinated hot beverage of choice
  • You do not need to bring toilet paper or cleaning supplies