Scout From Home

Scout From Home with Council

GSHPA Staff members have been working round the clock to provide activities, videos, and resources for our girls and volunteers to stay connected to Girl Scouts while practicing social distancing.

Here’s a few of the amazing resources available with GSHPA’s Girl Scouts at Home:

  • Tips & Tricks on holding your troop’s first virtual meeting
  • At-Home Badge and Patch Lesson Plans & Video Guides for Troop Leaders & Parents
  •  At-Home Girl Scout Challenges for Girls
  • Upcoming Virtual GS Events for Troops
  • Troop Leader Virtual Meetups & More!

Check out Council’s Summer Get Outdoors Challenge. Please know you can do both the Service Unit Challenge and Council’s Challenge.

Scout From Home with your Service Unit

Our Outreach Coordinator Michelle Varrassa came up with these great patch earning ideas for her troops and wanted to share the idea with the Service Unit. Troop Leaders should contact her to purchase the patches.

Rock Painting – To Earn do the following:

There is a fun Facebook Group called Happy Valley Rocks.  On this page folks post rocks they are found and sometimes give hints to places rocks have been hidden.

  • Go for a walk and find some rocks that can be painted
  • Paint at least three rocks
    • An animal or person
    • A plant or flower
    • Something Girl Scouts related
  • Post a photo of your rocks
  • Optional: Tag rocks with Happy Valley Rocks FB 
  • Hide rocks anywhere in the community
    • You can watch for rocks to be found and posted on Facebook but it may be sometime before folks want to touch the rocks, so we’ll need to have patience

My Heritage

My Heritage – To Earn do the following:

  • Trace you family tree by talking to your family members
    • Create a chart or draw a tree with your family
  • Do an interview, via phone or online chat, with the oldest family member
    • Create a list of questions to ask in advance such as:
      • What did you play as a child
      • Where did you work
      • How did meet your spouse
      • Favoriate place to travel
      • What was the 1st technology you remember
      • Tell us what you remmeber about your parents
    • Record the answers for your family to have digitally
  • Create a crossword or word find using your families first names

Bird Watching

Bird Watching – To Earn do the following:

  • Count how many birds you see outside for 20 minutes
    • How many total
    • How many different birds
  • Build a birdfeeder out of items found in your house, if possible, add bird seed and place outside
    • Send photo to Michelle or post to the Facebook page
  • Draw a bird with as much detail as possible.  Look online for details on wings and beaks.
  • Sit outside for 20 minutes and listen to how many bird sounds you hear?
    • Can you identify any of the birds?
    • Look online for birds in our area and listen to the bird calls- go back outside and see if you can identify any of the bird calls
  • Build a second bird feeder.  Hang one feeder high and the other low.  Watch the feeders for 10 minutes for 8 days.  Count the number of birds in each feeder during the 10 minutes and record the number of birds you see at the feeders.  Does the height of the feeder affect which feeder birds go to?
  • Watch the birds for 15 minutes.  With crayons, put a line on paper with a crayon that matches the color of the bird you see. 
  • Gather items to make bird nests.    Gather some cotton balls and pull the cotton apart into little pieces.  Cut some knitting yarn into pieces.  Gather some twigs (not thick branches), and grass too.  (Don’t use thread–it can get tangled around the bird’s legs).   Put your things you have gathered into mesh bags or suet holders and hang from trees or just tuck the materials in the bark of trees. Each day look frequently at the nest materials  and judge if you can see a change in the amount of the nest materials.  Record your observations.

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