Welcome to a new Girl Scout Year

Girl Scouts, like everything else, will look a little different this year but the most important thing is that the girls continue to have fun and build bonds with their Girl Scout Sisters.

We are looking for leaders, adults, and older girls to run programming for the year. If you have a specialty you want to share please let us know. We know that a lot of programming will be going virtual but that just means it is easier for individuals to join in the fun.

As we move into fall check out the hiking challenges from the summer. If you didn’t have a chance to do them fall is a great time for a hike.

Fall is also a great time to work on the Outdoor Art Badges. There is one for every level. Check them out here.

Thank you to all the girls who participated in our Photo Challenge the last few months. Please feel free to send us some feedback on how you liked it and if you want it to continue.


*Don’t forget to submit the form to get your free GSHPA Get Outdoors Challenge patch. Deadline, September 8, 2020.

*Also the SU 416 Outdoor Summer Challenge is open till the end of September.

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