Canoe Creek State Park

Canoe Creek State Park is located a short jaunt from State College in Hollidaysburg. This park has so many great features that are easy to access- a great combination of history and natural beauty. I recommend the Limestone Trail and the Marsh trail. Both are flat, easy, and short but provide a lot of fun.

The Limestone Loop Trail (red blazes) is 1.2 miles and leads you to the Blair Limestone Co Kilns. The hike is along Mary Ann’s Creek and there are several bridges across the creek along the way. There are many wildflowers to see in the spring such as rue anemone, phlox, and marsh marigolds.

But back to those kilns… They are fun to go inside of, behind, and above! In addition to learning about our area history, Girl Scouts may feel like they are in the ruins of a castle. There are display signs in front so you can learn more about the kilns. Off to the right of the kilns, take the path up to view the tops of the kilns. From there, continue across to see the stone ruins of the rail track going up the hill. If you walk up those and continue on the upper path a little, you will come to the remains of a quarry. The Hartman trail (green blazes) runs off of there, if you are feeling energetic, then climb up a little for beautiful views of the valley.

When you are done exploring above the kilns, return back to them and continue on the red blazed Limestone Loop. On the back side of the loop, keep an eye out for another quarry between the two bridges.

Once you are almost done with the Limestone Loop, instead of going back to the parking lot, you can head right on to the short Marsh Trail.

The Marsh Trail (white blazed) is an 0.4 mile boardwalk along a marsh area that borders the lake. The views are beautiful the entire way. This trail features a blind for wildlife viewing, a lake overlook area, and a bridge. We heard and saw many birds in this area including ducks and a red winged black bird.

I recommend a stop at Lower Trail Creamery, the outdoor ice cream stand a 10 minute drive away after your hike.

For more information and a link to maps, check out Hike Challenge #10!

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