Welcome to Spring!

Happy spring! Be sure to check out our upcoming events for details on an exciting Brownie Science Night at Discovery Space, Girl Scout Day with Penn State Softball, and an in-person Sing-A-Long at Juniper Village!

If you have been out doing cookie booths, we encourage you to add data to the Service Unit Cookie Booth Sales Predictor. This tool can also help you plan your upcoming booths. The more information we feed the predictor, the more accurate it will be!

Finally, troop leaders, parents, and volunteers are encouraged to connect with our State College Girl Scout community, either on Facebook or via our level specific discussion lists.

We also want to hear what your troop is up to! Please email a photo and explanation to thismonth@statecollegegirlscouts.org if you have something you would like us to share with the rest of the State College Girl Scout Community. Whether it was a hike, a visit to the Fire Station, a badge event, or a community service project, we want to celebrate our sisterhood and the great things you are doing!