Gold Award: Music Takes Flight

Morgan Pandolfi earned her Gold Award by bringing accessible music to a local park through her project, Music Takes Flight. Morgan plays multiple instruments and has experienced the enjoyment and benefits of music from an early age. The goal of her project was to bring these benefits to all children in a free, frequently accessible, and fun environment. To do so, Morgan developed a plan to install an outdoor xylophone and informational sign at Bernel Road Park. She submitted a project proposal to Patton Township and received permission for the installation. Morgan then created a fundraiser to raise the funds to purchase the instrument. Through a lot of community outreach, Morgan received generous donations for the project. She led a team of people to install the instrument and informational sign. She also created a website to provide parkgoers with information on the benefits of music and instructions to learn the play the instrument. For more information see  Music Takes Flight

Morgan has been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten and previously completed her Silver Award project, Eat Local State College. In addition to the information provided on the website to encourage people to source their food locally, Morgan prepared the locally-sourced dishes and served them to a community group. She provided the group with the recipe cards and information on finding the ingredients, as well as the reasons for sourcing locally. For more information see Eat Local State College