Junior First Aid

It can be scary if someone is sick or hurt, especially during an emergency. But when you’ve had practice and learned what to do, it’s easier to stay calm. Find out how to help people when they’re ill or injured and how to respond during an emergency in this badge.

1. Learn the first steps to take in an emergency
2. Talk to first responders
3. Make a portable first aid kit
4. Find out how to handle urgent first aid issues
5. Know how to take care of someone who’s sick

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to help people who are sick or hurt.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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  1. We had a volunteer who was a doctor come to 2 different meetings and work on the First Aid requirements. We put together a first aid kit to donate to our meeting place and one for our troop to take on outings.

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