Leap Bot Design Challenge

Every day you see a problem an engineer has solved. They design bridges so your car can cross a river, planes so you can fly to another place, and really tall buildings for lots of people to work or live in. To solve problems and create products that work, engineers have to think about all of the different things that might affect their design. Design, build, and test things like an engineer as you create your own Leap Bot out of GoldieBlox.

  1. Learn about springs
  2. Build your Leap Bot
  3. Create a way to test how well your Leap Bot performs
  4. Record the results of your test
  5. Share your results

When I’ve earned this badge, I will have learned about engineering, gravity, and force by building and testing a Leap Bot. I will know how to build and test a new product.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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