My Promise My Faith

The My Promise My Faith pin connects the Girl Scout Law with a girl’s faith and can be earned once each year:

  1. Choose one line from the Girl Scout Law. Find a story, song, or poem from your faith with the same ideas. Talk with your family or friends about what the Law and the story have in common.
  2. Find a woman in your own or another faith community. Ask her how she tries to use that line of the Law in her life.
  3. Gather three inspirational quotes by women that fit with that line of the Girl Scout Law. Put them where you can see them every day!
  4. Make something to remind you of what you’ve learned. It might be a drawing, painting, or poster. You could also make up a story of a skit.
  5. Keep the connection strong. Talk with your friends, family, or a group in your faith community about what you’ve learned about your faith and Girl Scouting. Ask them to help you live the Law and your faith. Maybe you can show them what you just made or perform your skit.

Earning My Promise My Faith

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