New Cuisines

Culinary possibilities are as diverse as the globe of people who cook them. Wherever you go in the world, a version of the pocket bread holds something delicious, and your sweet tooth can be satisfied with everything from date syrup to lingonberry jam. In this badge, cook up four dishes from across time and distance, and find out where your taste buds want to travel.

1. Make a dish from another country
2. Create a dish from another region of the United States
3. Whip up a dish from another time period
4. Cook a dish that makes a statement
5. Share your dishes on a culinary “tour”!

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll be able to make amazing dishes from all over the world and way back in time.

Part of the sequence. Earned by Scouts.

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2 Replies to “New Cuisines”

  1. We got a ton of cookbooks from the library and the girls divided into 3 groups. They planned and made shopping lists. We spent a cold January weekend at Golden Pond in Upper Palmer and cooked. One group planned a breakfast from the past–from a Little House on the Prairie cookbook, then a lunch from another part of the country–Tex-Mex, and we had a dinner from Scotland. Our “Statement” dish was a huge chocolate cake. In addition to cooking, we also hiked in the snow and went sledding.

  2. Our girls had fun doing the sushi and dumplings class at Tastebuds Kitchen. They did a private class for us.

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