Adventure Camper

When you plan an adventure, like kayaking, mountain biking, or rock climbing, you can combine it with overnight camping to make the most of your outdoor experience. Adventure camping requires minimal equipment and gear because you’ll be active during the day and possibly moving campsites. Some adventure campers bring nothing but a sleeping bag, lightweight stove, some food, and a backpack. Whatever spells adventure for you, start by listing the things you want to do – then make your camping trip happen!

  1. Plan your adventure camping trip.
  2. Gather your camping gear.
  3. Plan and prepare your trip meals.
  4. Use a camping skill on your trip.
  5. Go adventure camping.

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll have planned and gone on a camping trip with a group of Girl Scouts or family members that includes adventure activities.

Earned by Scouts.

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What kind of adventure speaks to you? In this badge, you’ll go on a multiday high-adventure challenge. You could go rock climbing, spelunking, ice caving, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, rafting—or a combination! Put your outdoor skills to the test—and gain some new ones—as you become a Girl Scout Senior Adventurer.

1. Enhance your adventure
2. Get in the team spirit — and refine your teamwork
3. Know your gear
4. Plan your service to the great outdoors
5. Capture the adventure

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to go on a multiday outdoor adventure trip with friends and Girl Scout sisters.

Earned by Scouts.

Ambassador Aviation Badge

And to prove that a flyer can be a girl, who can soar as high as any man, I’m showing the women around the world that we can fly, we surely can!

-Pat Valdata, “Where No Man Can Fly”

Katherine Stinson was the first person to fly at night in 1912. Is flying your passion also?

  1. Preflight
  2. Taxi
  3. Takeoff
  4. Flight
  5. Landing

This badge will open opportunities for my future careers (maybe in aviation).

GS Ambassador Aviation Badge

Earned by Scouts.

Ambassador First Aid

Girl Scouts get the chance to experience amazing outdoor adventures—and when you’re exploring outside, anything can happen. When it does, others may look to you, as an Ambassador, to know what to do in an emergency situation. In this badge, you’ll learn skills that define the Girl Scout motto. You’ll be prepared to handle any outdoor situation, from treating a mosquito bite to saving a life.

1. Learn how to deal with medical emergencies in the wilderness
2. Research careers that save lives in extreme conditions
3. Find out how to care for a critically injured person
4. Know how to move an injured person
5. Explore real-life examples for handling wilderness emergencies

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know more about how to provide first aid in extreme conditions.

Earned by Scouts.

Ambassador Girl Scout Way

As a Girl Scout Ambassador, you’re perfectly poised to help our sisterhood fly into its second powerful century. Although the badges, books, and presidents have changed along the way, some things have always been the Girl Scout Way: through song and celebration, service and action, the Movement continues to educate, inspire, and bring people together. Share our legacy in this badge as you spread your wings and launch Girl Scouting into the future.

1. Use song to bring people together or to spread a message
2. Celebrate World Thinking Day
3. Share sisterhood around the world
4. Leave your world better than you found it
5. Enjoy Girl Scout traditions!

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to use the Girl Scout ways and traditions to make the world a better place.

Earned by Scouts.